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A great addition to my Open Circle collection. Elegantly designed finger rings made to stack so you can mix sizes and tones.

It still come with the inspirational message that...whatever challenges encircle in our lives, there is always an open door. This message is enclosed with each Open Circle purchase.

14K gold filled
sterling silver
14K rose gold filled


Open Circle-stacking rings

RIng Finish
  • Vella mode jewelry is hand finished, therefore delicate in nature. To extend its longevity, treat your piece with care. In caring for your Vella mode jewelry, we recommend you take the piece off when swimming, bathing, or showering. Humidity is not a friend to metals so please avoid moisture.

    Gold Filled
    Our gold filled metals are sourced from New Mexico and it meets federal quality standards. Gold filled is 14K gold bonded to brass. Vella mode uses gold filled to offer a high end look without the high end cost.
    CARE: Buffing is only needed for gold filled. You may seal in airtight Ziploc bag to prevent tarnishing. If more polishing is needed, use polishing jewelry cloth. We recommend sunshine brand cloths.
    Silver filled/Sterling silver
    Our silver filled metals meets federal quality standard and have a thick sterling silver layer bonded on brass core.
    Sterling silver contains a small percentage of copper alloy which causes tarnishing. Also exposure to sunlight, heat and humidity naturally cause sterling silver to tarnish, as well as the acids in your skin.
    CARE: Keep your silver filled/sterling silver polished with a jewelry cloth or silver cleaner. Minimize the exposure to chemicals (hairsprays,perfume,body lotions,bleach etc.) For the best results, store your sterling silver in a dark, dry place, and seal in airtight ziploc bags.
    Oxidized/Antique silver filled and sterling silver
    Vella mode uses a water based solution to oxidize silver filled and sterling pieces. Cleaning it may scratch and remove some of the dark patina. Oxidize silver require the least maintenance.
    CARE: You may buff with a soft cloth to bring up the shine, if desired, or wipe with a damp cloth if dirty.
    Gemstones are sourced from natural rock therefore is organic, delicate and vulnerable to breakage and chemicals, including those in soaps, perfumes and lotions.

    CARE: One should never use jewelry cleaners directly on the stone.
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